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I am Wendy, a Communication Consultant from Switzerland with an academic background in Strategic Communication and Management, Social and Cultural Sciences.

I have worked with and for different companies in the fields of Culture, Education, Lifestyle and Politics. My tasks ranged from Social Media and Event Management to Copywriting and PR Management. As a freelancer, I help businesses, people and their ideas thrive in terms of Strategy and Content. Besides consulting I like to discover places and meet people, hike to waterfalls, cook flavorful meals and bake happy cakes.





why do stories matter?

As human beings and social animals, we are storytelling creatures, and the stories (the narratives) we tell are our fundamental tools of communication and transmission. Narratives are how we make sense of life; they provide us with a context, thanks to which we can better interpret, understand and respond to the facts we observe. Most importantly, compelling narratives have the power to inspire us to act.

- The Great Narrative (2022) by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret

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